🇬🇧 Conditions of the Championship


City Sports Hall Jablonec nad Nisou
U Přehrady 4747/20
466 02 Jablonec nad Nisou


| Straight course (easy class, medium class, difficult class, elite class)
| Crooked course (easy class, medium class, difficult class, elite class)
| High jump
| Long jump


Thursday 17. 11. 2022

| registration, medical examination of rabbits

Friday 18. 11. 2022

| registration, medical examination of rabbits

| opening ceremony

| Straight course, easy class

| Straight course, medium class

| Straight course, difficult class

| Straight course, elite class

| High jump

Saturday 19. 11. 2022

| Crooked course, easy class

| Crooked course, medium class

| Crooked course, difficult class

| Crooked course, elite class

| Long jump

| award ceremony

| evening common program

Rating and race limits

The Championship will be judged according to the European competition rules.
The race will be held on one course.

Straight and crooked course: First round and final, the first half of the rabbits in the first round and the rabbits with the same number of faults as the last rabbit in the first half will advance to the final. The sum of the errors from both runs and the time from the final run will count towards the final result.

High jump: Initial height 50 cm, increasing in 10 cm increments up to 70 cm and then in 5 cm increments.

Long jump: Initial length 100 cm, increasing in 20 cm increments up to 200 cm and then in 10 cm increments.

Track conditions

The track area will be 60 x 20 m. The surface will be covered with carpet.

Conditions of participation

The number of starts will be divided according to quotas (the number of club members decides). A total of 700 starts will be distributed. Qualifications are determined by each country.


The judges team will be composed of judges from all participating countries. Each discipline will be judged by at least 2 judges.

Health conditions

Only healthy rabbits in optimal condition are allowed to participate in the championship. Compulsory vaccination of rabbits is determined by each country separately. Vaccination against RHD and myxomatosis is recommended. All rabbits must pass the medical examination. Unfit rabbits will have to leave the competition area and they’ll have to be quarantined.

Accommodation of rabbits

Rabbits will be in a separate room. Cages will be prepared, the fee per cage is 4 €. Bedding and hay is included in the price.


Applications will be accepted from the beginning of September. Applications will be sent by the representative of the country for all competitors. Applications submitted separately will not be accepted.
The deadline for applications is 25. 9. 2022.

Start fee

The fee for one start is 8 €.
The payment for the starts of the whole country will be sent by the representative of the country to the bank account of CSCH-KKH by 30. 9. 2022.


Český svaz chovatelů, z.s., Klub králičí hop

Responsible person

Barbora Kohoutová
+420 739 940 207